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How to save electricity during the holidays

There is no denying the fact that holidays could get quite expensive if you are not careful. In fact, apart from buying gifts for loved ones, and spending on food there are other aspects that could make your holiday quite expensive. Electricity is one such thing.

So let us try and understand the ways with which you can save on electricity during the holiday season.

1. Opt for LED Bulbs
2. Set up a Timer for All Decorative Lights
3. Leave it to the Indoor Decorations to Light a Room
4. Add Candles to the Mix
5. Economize Your Oven

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square foot pricing?

Category: General Electrical Discussion

Query By: Om heating & air conditioning,inc.

Posted Date: 6th Sep 2017

Thanks to all of you

Category: General Electrical Discussion

Query By: John Walker

Posted Date: 6th Sep 2017

100 amp THQP breaker

Category: General Electrical Discussion

Query By: Sharon

Posted Date: 6th Sep 2017

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